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Delivery and payment conditions

All delivery, sales and rent businesses are based on standard business conditions. Deviant agreements in particular contradictory agreements require the explicit agreement. This applies the same of the vendor way for all promises and agreements including telephone and fax agreements.

In case several regulations of these agreements are disabled will these be replaced by the German and EU legislation. The effectiveness of other agreements will not be affected by this.

1. All orders will only be accepted and executed based on the following terms of delivery and payment. With placing an order the purchaser explicitly agrees on the terms and conditions.

2. Agreed on delivery dates in written form will be fulfilled by us inasmuch as no unforeseeable events we cannot influence happening. I.e. Late deliveries of materials by vendors or third parties. We reserve the right to regress the contract completely of partially or to postpone the delivery date adequately with occurrence of these events.

3. Special jobs or requests for alterations by the client that are not included into the original order will be charged separately. This applies to orders and rent contracts with fixed price as well.

4. Insignificant alterations due to optical and technical reasons are subject to change.

5. Rented items will solely supplied for the agreed on purpose and agreed on time. (Duration of the event.)

6. Display material and supply and equipment like graphics stored by us are as a basic principle not insured by us. The client commits to pick up his material after completion of the contract on his own expense.

7. Rented material is our property. The leaser is obliged to take care of the rented items. The leaser doesn’t have the right to alternate the items without permission of the lessor.

8. We are accountable for deliveries and service, limited by the total value of the customer order. We are not accountable for injuries of persons or damages of property of any kind. The exception is that your employees are responsible for the damage in grossly negligent way. We are accountable for damages and injuries while construction and deconstruction not exceeding the coverage of our comprehensive general liability.

9. Further claims of the client are excluded. In particular the right of annulment, deterioration, and replacement of indirect damages. The claim of notice of defect does not entitle to offset or assertion of the right of retention.

10. The leaser is responsible for damages on the leased good. The accountability starts with delivery with completion of construction and ends latest 48 hours after ending of the event.

11. The leaser is obliged to check the quality of the delivered object/item with delivery. Complaints will only be accepted within 24 hours after delivery.

12. The leased items are not insured. It is recommended to insure the leased items for the duration of the event.

13. If the leaser of buyer, because of any reason, cancels the purchase he will be charged 30% of the order value as cancellation cost. In case the cancellation is closer than 4 weeks to the begin of the lease 50%, less than 2 weeks 75%, and less than 1 week 100% of the contract value will be applied as cancellation fee.

14. We are empowered to charge a deposit of 50% of the agreed contract value due 4 weeks before delivery date or start of the lease. The rest payment is due 10 days after sending the invoice. We are entitled to charge interest without admonition at rates customary in banking with noncompliance of these dates.

15. All deliveries and services will stay our property until the purchaser met all liabilities to pay. This is not related to the kind of contract these general conditions are based on. Payments are not received until the paid check(s) has/have been deposited to our account.

16. Suggestions, texts, drafts, drawings and new designs will stay our property, all rights reserved. The transfer of property and intellectual right property rights requires our written acceptance. This applies to rebuilding and reproduction as well.

17. Place of delivery for all rights and duties of both parties of the contract, in contracts of any kind but for the payment in particular is Wipperfuerth, Germany. The court of jurisdiction is agreed on Wipperfuerth, Germany.

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